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A-Rod is of sound mind

I'm rarely inspired to post a story unless something exceptional occurs that lights a fire in me.   On my way home this weekend from a company sales meeting I heard the news about A-Rod's then alleged steroid use and almost lost my lunch on the dash.  Let me explain.  For those that have never attended a large corporate meeting, they usually book a "motivational" speaker with the intention to inspire the troops to aspire to go above and beyond for that fiscal year.   Out of respect for the person that spoke I don't want to provide his name or website.  However, I will say that he may very well be out of a job thanks to A-Rod.

Our special guest started out by saying that he's a life coach for some of the greatest athletes in the world, and has studied the psyche of these athletes and their ability to achieve amazing things.  I always go into these presentations with an open mind and try to dial down the cynicism in order to appease management.  However, I couldn't believe my ears when this speaker bragged about the fact that he's a life coach for A-Rod.  Apparently, he talks to him daily, and has done so since he started out in MLB.  I couldn't help but think that if I was a life coach for a guy of A-Rod's caliber that I would keep that to myself.  Especially, when my client is not that well respected by his colleagues, fans, and family.  I leaned over to my co-worker and whispered "next thing we know he's going to say he's Barry Bonds' life coach."  Dude lost it, and we just checked out for about two hours straight.