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A-Rod tearfully admits to steroid use

I did take a banned substance. For that, I'm very sorry and deeply regretful. And although it was the culture back then in major league baseball overall ... it was very ... I just feel that ... I'm just sorry. I'm sorry for that time, I'm sorry to my fans, I'm sorry to my fans in Texas. It wasn't until then that I thought about substance of any kind, and since then I've proved to myself and to everyone that I don't need any of that."

I'm watching this and all I can think about is how often this guy must get a haircut. There's never a hair out of place, his hair is perfect. Do you think he has a barber on staff, is that how it works when you are rich? I've got to imagine he has very good hygiene from the looks of this video but wouldn't it be ironic if he was a mess down stairs? No wonder he was able to get the likes of Madonna.

You know what else? Jose Canseco was right again. He supposedly introduced A-Rod to a steroid dealer. For all that people do to try and discredit Canseco he keeps getting proven right. Now if we can just get A-Rod to admit that he tried to pick up on Jose's wife.

The whole time Peter Gammons is setting up the question to A-Rod you can see A-Rod start to cry and also see him going over the rehearsed answer in his head. Admitting guilt is the best thing he could do right now, but he's already proven he's willing to lie so I'm not sure why we should believe him that he stopped after 2003.