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Kevin Towers: Peavy will start opening day, Rodriguez will play shortstop and Matt Bush will hopefully mature

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers Interview (MP3)

  • Cliff Floyd still has a lot of thunder in his bat.  He played on a World Series team in '97.  He'll be a middle of the line up bat in interleague play.  He'll play a few games in the outfield.  Floyd is a difference maker in the clubhouse.  Floyd plays Nintendo Wii and he does not like to lose to his wife.
  • Towers has had no dialogue with any team since the winter meetings about Peavy.  Towers told Peavy that it looks like he'll be a Padre on Opening Day. 
  • Towers has not talked to Jeff Moorad yet.
  • Towers has watched Prior throw and things are progressing nicely.  He hasn't really had any setbacks.  Prior is in a better mental spot now than before.  He has a chance to be a front of the rotation guy.  There is no timetable now.  Prior will hopefully throw to hitters in Spring Training.  A successful Prior could make all the difference this season.
  • Towers really doesn' t know who will be in the 4th and 5th spot of the rotation.  He mentions a list full of options.
  • Luis Rodriguez will be the shortstop.  He isn't the defender that Khalil was but he gives you good AB's and will put the ball in play.
  • Fuson says Evereth Cabrera is looking really good and the Padres are hoping they got a good one.
  • Jeff Moorad represented Matt Bush when he was a player agent.
  • Towers says they are still gathering information about Matt Bush.  He knows about the same amount that we do.  He's been DFA's and if they don't trade him within a week they'll end up releasing him.  There have been a couple of clubs that have expressed interest.  Hopefully Matt gets his life together.  "Sometimes they mature late, hopefully that's the case with Matt.  It's just probably not going to happen in San Diego". 
  • Scott the host says that there were allegations that Bush's family stole silverware from one of the Padres' suites at Petco.