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Gaslamp Baller Sighting!

I was at Grossmont Mall today (or that one s___hole in f__kin' East County to Matt Bush), just kinda chillangin' (chillin' and hangin') when I got smiled at by a female! What more, when we made eye contact, I instinctively did my Crazy Dex Face in self defense and she smiled even brighter!

"Are you Dex?" she asked.

Oh man. I been recognized. Do I work with this woman? How do I know her? Work? School? Think, Dex! Think!

"Why yes," I replied.

"OMG! I read your blog all the time!"

Dude, that's awesome, I thought. Then I said, "Dude, that's awesome! Do you comment?"

"Oh no. I have nothing smart to say."

"Yeah. I have nothing smart to say either. You must not be a regular."

We chatted for a bit about Matt Bush and what a jerk he is and she introduced me to her husband or boyfriend who must've been like, "who's this crazy faced dude?" And then I was like, "Well, I'll see you guys at a Padres game!" And that was that.

I've never been recognized before by somebody willing to speak up and admit to recognizing me. I imagine some of you have probably seen me around and thought, "Oh, there's that guy from that one web site."

So, hello Gaslamp Baller Erica (Erika?)! It was nice meeting you and your family. I liked your pea coat.