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An Open Letter from Matt Bush to East County Padres "Fans"

Hey bitches,

It's me! Matt F__kin' Bush! F__k East County!

Man, I'm so glad to be rid of you bitches. I didn't know that people East of the 5 were legally allowed to be Padres fans. F__k those East County turds!


I totally pwn this place. I'm Matt muthaf__kin' Bush. What, you don't know who I am?

Of course you know who I am. You weren't supposed to answer that question, dipsh_t. It's what they call a retardical question. I asked it cause if you didn't know the answer, You're a retard. That's why it's retardical.

See how stupid you are? I told you I didn't need no college. I didn't need no high school either. All it is is p___y freshman that are so easy so smash. Just to prove it, I smashed up some freshmen just this weekend before driving over their weak little Lacrossdresser sticks.

You see what I did there? That's called a... it's a... Whatever. It's an English language thing. WHY DO I HAVE TO PRESS ONE FOR ENGLISH!?!?! EFF EAST COUNTY!!!

Anyways. I don't got time to write no more. I'm gonna go get trashed on some hard lemonade and key any car I see with a East county license plate.

F__k y'all,

Matt F__kin' Bush

P.S. F__k everydboy who works in the service industry.

P.P.S. F__k Arizona and eveyrbody in Grossmont Union High SChool District.