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Alderson didn't resign he was displaced

XX Sports Radio:  Sandy Alderson Report (MP3)

  • Sandy was aware that he'd probably be leaving back in January.  Sandy will continue to do the Sandy Alderson report for the next few weeks.
  • "This shouldn't be interpreted as a resignation, I'm essentially being displaced"  Moorad bought the team and wanted to be the CEO, it's part of the deal.  No other role was offered to Alderson inside the organization.  "You can't keep piling up executives and layers of decision making".
  • When Alderson found out 30 days ago, he was disappointed and "very unhappy to be leaving.  Love the Padres.  Love San Diego.  I think we have something building here that could be very special in the future."
  • Alderson is happy with the improvements he made in player development.
  • Alderson doesn't expect any further changes in the Front Office.  Even after the 2009 he doesn't expect significant changes.
  • Alderson is proud of the accomplishments at the Major League Level and rebuilding the farm system.  Also he has pride in day to day business and service at Petco Park.
  • "You'd be surprised how little I listen to sports talk radio these days, especially 4-7"  Alderson hates the Bleacher Bums too!
  • Alderson regrets that the Padres didn't win the division 4 years in a row.
  • Alderson doesn't have any future plans right now, he does love living in San Diego.
  • Alderson has enjoyed the radio show.  It's been fun and difficult at times.  "You can't come in and talk about things when they are going well and not come in when they aren't going well"
  • "You won't find a $9 beer in Petco in 2009"

I just realized I never wrote up the last Sandy Alderson Report from (1/27)

  • Alderson talks about why the Padres were the only team to cancel their Fan Fest.  The economy is the scapegoat again, even though every other team is facing a tough economy.
  • Alderson expects that Jake Peavy and every award winner will be present at the Padres Award Ceremony.  They weren't.  Peavy  Hoffman, Gerut and Moores didn't show.  Peavy must have canceled at the last minute.
  • Heath Bell is the closer.
  • The Padres are going to replace all the huge signs with Khalil and Hoffman in the next couple of weeks.
  • Kouzmanoff sounds upbeat about starting on Opening Day.