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Miss California "Pad Squad Carrie" will now be her official title

So apparently there was some sort of mix up last year with the Miss California pageant.  The volunteer accountant who was in charge of counting up the winning votes made a mistake and they crowned the wrong contestant as the winner.  They quickly realized that they made a mistake and crowned a new winner.  The girl who was mistakenly crowned decided to sue. Anyway she decided to drop her lawsuit today. 

Why am I telling you any of this?  Well Pad Squad Carrie was involved in this whole mess last year before she won Miss California this year, but that's still not the reason I'm telling you this.

Here's the article from NBC Los Angeles:


The best part is in the last line where NBC Los Angeles refer to her as "Pad Squad Carrie". 

After Beezley's reign ended, Pad Squad Carrie became her successor as Miss California 2009.

Somebody has been reading Gaslamp Ball and thought that this was her real name.  We only affectionately add the Pad Squad prefix to her name because she is a member of the Padres "Pad Squad".  Her real name is Carrie Prejean.  It's too bad we didn't stick with her original nickname "Pad Squad Sassy".