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Moorad: Moores excited about taking a back seat

PADRES: Moores plans on having a hand in team for a while

I think John's excited about taking a bit of a back seat. ... John can be as active as he wants to be. ...

As opposed to what he did last season?  I wish Moores would just give up control, does he think he's helping at this point?  Any owner that is excited about taking a back seat probably shouldn't be an owner.

"I will remain as chairman of the Padres for a few years and Moorad will be CEO," Moores wrote. "I intend to be active with the owners at MLB meetings ---- and Moorad intends to win a World Series.

"I have the easier job."

The John Moores that saved the Padres in 1994 and the Moores of today seem like two different people.