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Where would we be without Sandy?

Here I am looking at my Padres wall calendar.  Khalil Greene is doing the splits in February's picture, I can think of one fan who would get a PFOB looking at such things.  Everybody in this calendar is off the team now.  This coming weekend is shaded blue with a reminder that Friar Fest was supposed to be this weekend.

I was thinking today about Sandy Alderson leaving the club.  It seems everybody either loved him or hated him.  I think I some how fell into the middle.  I wonder what the Padres would have been like if Sandy had never come to San Diego.  Bruce Bochy would probably still be our Manager, Rettenmund or Joyner would be our hitting coach, DePo would be working elsewhere and Hoffman would have retired as a Padre.  There probably wouldn't be any Padres manuals, there would be little to no thought put into draft picks.  Players wouldn't be held accountable for punching things, radio would be a lot more boring, somebody else would talk down to me as a fan and the Padres would probably be really unorganized.

Where do you think the Padres would be right now without Alderson?