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The Padres have been sold to Moorad

It's official. The Padres have a new ownership group.

What does this mean? My thoughts:

  • Buyout is scheduled to take place over the course of 5 years.
  • Figure 30% the first year, then 20/20/10 for the full buyout?
  • Moorad will be in control in time for the Cox deal to be done, so this could be seen as a future value added
  • Sandy Alderson is as good as gone. I have lots of trouble seeing how Moorad doesn't take over Sandy's day to day activities
  • Does Paul DePodesta go with Sandy? I see room for Paul, but maybe not room for Paul and KT.
  • What will become of the Candy Factory at the ballpark? Can Gaslamp Ball acquire some office space there?
  • Will there be a cash infusion? Will the front office be a nicer place? I'm kinda thinking it's been a scary place to work.
So much to think about. More thoughts later.