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Padres Sale Away!

Occasionally I completely forget how to blog.  I'll look at things happening in the world of the Padres and I have absolutely no comment on them. Take for instance the Sale of the Padres to Jeff Moorad.  I used to think this was good news just to get rid of Moores, but he's sticking around for another three years so how much could things improve? We'll be stuck in limbo.  What I'm trying to tell you is that I'm confused.  Are we ever going to be good again?  I kind of feel like this kid... "Why is this happening?  Is this gonna be forever?"

Then I look at pictures of Moorad he kinda scares me for some unexplained reason.  I went to Wikipedia to see if he attends Bilderberg Group meetings or is part of the Illuminati but as far as i can tell his worst association is with the Diamondbacks, which is still pretty bad.  Maybe it's just the same feeling I get when Zonies take over the beaches every summer, now they are taking over my favorite team.

I digress... the kind folks at Wikio emailed us and we've moved up 29 spots in their top Sports Blogs list.  We're sitting pretty at number 85 now.  I won't be mentioning this list next week when we've dropped 50 spots.

We're number 374 on Ball Hype's Top Sports Blogs but number 67 on their baseball blog list.  So what does all this mean?  Well we're kinda popular and kinda not.  We're like one of those nerds that joined ASB during High School.

There, I blogged.