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Kouzmanoff wanted to hide his arm injury

Kevin Kouzmanoff Interview (MP3)

  • Kouzmanoff explains his arm injury when he jammed it diving on a ball
  • Kouz didn't want to come out of the game even though he could barely move his arm let alone throw the ball to first
  • "I wanted to hide it... I wanted to pretend I was okay.  That night it didn't get better and I was like 'I can't hide this'"
  • Kouz tested his arm this off season by throwing a pebble at the beach.  This reminds me of when a friend tested if he was sober enough to drive by flipping a water bottle one time and catching it.
  • Kouzmanoff can now throw a ball to first base with "pretty close" the same velocity he could before the injury.
  • Kouz back tracks and says that he may have to play differently because Luis Rodriguez may not have the same range as Khalil.
  • "We don't need a payroll of $200M, like Bud says, anything can happen"