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Padres Baseball needs a new slogan

The Padres have had some good slogans in the past.  I'm hoping they get one this year after not having one in 2008.  Myself, I'm partial to the religious ones, they are always pretty clever.

Former Padres slogans have been:

  • "Keep the Faith"
  • "Catch the Excitement"
  • "Taking You There"
  • "Play Downtown"
  • "On a Mission"
  • "Experience it!"

Here's some ideas:

  • "Pray for Us"
  • "Now we're cooking with Friar"
  • "We're going to need a Miracle"
  • "Blessed are the meek"
  • "Knock back a 40"
  • "Fo'ty Fo Sho Mo Fo"
  • "Believe it!"
  • "Stranger things have happened"
  • "The Last shall be First"
  • "How do you spell belief?  P-A-D-R-E-S"
  • "Believe that you are experiencing it!"
  • "The Friar will convert you"

I used a random slogan generator to get this one:


Feel free to suggest some of your own.  Maybe the Padres can actually use one of them.