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Jake Peavy talks about his first Spring Training start

XX Sports Radio: Jake Peavy Interview (MP3)

  • The best pitch Peavy threw was hit and the worst ball he threw was popped up.
  • "It was a high chopper that Chris Young would have caught in his chest"
  • Peavy said it wasn't a coincidence that he had his best years with Maddux on the team.
  • Peavy wants to be well rounded and a good teammate as well as a team leader.
  • Peavy  says he told the guys that nobody knows their names but if they go out and start decimating the NL West then people will learn their names.  "We need to take the field with a swagger"
  • "Ain't nobody picking us to win, I don't have any problem being the underdog"
  • "No excuses, I'm not going to sit here and use the excuse that my team's not scoring runs as an excuse for losing a ball game.  I told the hitters the same thing this morning.  'You play in a big ballpark, so what!'"
  • Peavy threw all fast balls in the game today, his command was okay.  He took it easy.
  • Peavy says he did the High School Musical  thing two years ago for his kids and now he's popular with the 10 and under demographic.