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Open Thread: First Time Commenters Welcome!

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images


Gaslamp Ball wants you... in the worst way!


We've tried this experiment 1, 2, 3 times and each time we've been pleasantly surprised by the new commentors that have joined and contributed to the site in some way.  Spring Training games start tomorrow!  We need you in our corner.

This is your chance to finally realize your dream of becoming a Gaslamp Baller.  Comment for the first time, give us your thoughts on the team, introduce yourself or just say "I love jbox :)"

Just think if it wasn't for threads like these we might never have been introduced to freelunch, Axion or EllieK.

Jakob Nielsen says that 95% of blog readers are lurkers, 5% contribute and .1% contribute frequently. 

That means for every time that we get someone like Drama, there are 1000 other sane people lurking around doing nothing. 

Anyway, put your toe in the water and see how good it feels.  The only thing I would warn you about is if someone invites you into their "Flirt Lair", be careful.


  1. Sign up for your SB Nation network account
  2. Once you're logged in, press your  Z  key in any thread with new comments
  3. Explore your dashboard and setup your profile
  4. Read the guide to the new FanPost editor
  5. Install the FanShot bookmarklet and post videos to Gaslamp Ball from YouTube or images from Flickr
  6. Click the "Rec" button on posts and comments to help other people find the good stuff.