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Towers is holding out hope that Hoffman will save the last save for the Padres

Hoffman adjusting to new life with Crew

Hoffman sounds a little down.  What's to be sad about?  You're playing for the Brewers you got your old number 51.  You got more money then you would ever get from the Padres.  Things are good.

"I don't think I've completely digested everything," Hoffman said. "When you spend 16 years in a place and have it end badly the way it did, you can't just pretend that you're going to move on. The game moves on without you, so you have to be prepared to go when it moves. I'm a Brewer now. I feel for the fans in San Diego, but I was shown the door."

When he was questioned about patching things up with the Padres he said:

"It's not for me to broach."

Maybe if he drops enough hints and keeps fishing for an apology the Padres will say they are sorry.  Don't be the victim Trevor!  You're #51!  You're Hells Bells!

Meanwhile Towers is making up little fantasies:

"I'm still holding out hope that he throws his last game for us in San Diego," Towers said. "Whether that means he signs a contract and throws one last save and retires, for me that would be the perfect way for him to close it out. He throws his last save for the Padres and tips his cap. That's my hope."

These two want each other so bad, think of how great the make up session is gonna be.