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Alderson: Winning a World Series doesn't seem attainable to Padres fans

Sandy Alderson Report (MP3)

  • Alderson says that nobody is on disabled list, which is a good thing this early in camp
  • Alderson doesn't think there is problem with Henry Blanco, but he should show up to camp in the next couple of days.
  • Alderson says the only way you can define a successful season is winning a World Series.  "I know that sounds dramatic and from the stand point of many of our fans, probably something that isn't attainable".  A winning season would be positive.
  • The number of young kids in camp is much larger than usual.  Part of that is due to the payroll, part to the player development system.
  • It would be extraordinary if someone like Matt Latos was able to jump from A ball to a Major League starting rotation during Spring Training.
  • Someone who was drafted in a Rule V would have the edge over someone who wasn't.
  • Eckstein wants to play second base.
  • Alderson hadn't heard that Edgar wants to be the starting shortstop. He doesn't think that Edgar is being seriously considered for the starting job.  Playing in the WBC won't affect him since he's already made a positive impression with the Padres.  Sany says Edgar is in the mix for second base.  Corey Brock is reporting Gonzalez is pondering skipping the WBC if he's not assured the starting job at second base for team Mexico.  Who knows maybe he wants both starting jobs with the Padres.
  • Bud Selig says that Alderson thought that the bat was causing the power when he worked for the league office.  The impact of steroids was masked by other changes in the game that were taking place at the same time.  That would include the size of ballparks, the amount of foul territory, weight training... bats have had some impact"