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Peavy and Young have differing opinions on PEDs

Chris Young thinks PEDs have cost him money by making his stats worse than they would be if he was pitching to drug free hitters.

"There's no moral dilemma here," he said. "There's no fine line. There's no gray area for me. It's right or wrong. ... As players, we do need to step up and be vocal about it and say that (performance-enhancing drugs) are wrong and we're not going to stand for it. If we've gotten here the right way, we're not going to stand for other guys to do it."

Peavy on the other hand, who is a Clemens and Bonds sympathizer doesn't want to pass any judgment because it might hurt his friendship with ball players with shrunken junk.

"You can't sit here and throw stones," he said. "I'm glad I never had (steroids) offered to me. I just never had it in front of my face. I'm not in the loop, I guess. Maybe it's just me being naive, but I just can't imagine trying to do that and get by and hope I got by."

"How do you fault a guy for trying to make a living for his family?"

Chris Young didn't seem too angry about A-Rod last week when he was answering questions on XX Sports Radio, but once he made the connection between steroids and his paycheck, he sounds pissed!

"I understand the dilemma," Chris Young said. "I don't respect the decision if they choose to do (steroids). Because for every guy who gets to the big leagues using steroids or whatever, there's a guy who chooses not to who's coming from the same situation.

[Note by jbox, 02/18/09 9:32 AM PST ]

Peavy's remarks in the NC Times seem to make me think that he doesn't want to pitch to roided hitters but he doesn't want any thing to happen to his buddies who used in the past.

"I know exactly where Roy is coming from," Peavy said. "I don't want to be pitching to somebody here coming up and feel like they have an edge because of something illegal they're doing. I'm for every bit of this drug testing. The stuff that's happened in the past, I don't want to throw stones for mistakes they've made. ... Everybody has their mistakes, and everybody has screwed up in life in some way, form or shape."