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Moores snaked Hoffman's bulldog and gave it to Peavy

A couple interesting tid-bits from Tim Sullivan's latest article about Hoffman.

Apparently Hoffman and Moores were never as close as Gwynn and Moores were.  A few years back there was a charity auction and Hoffman was trying to get a bulldog for his kids and Moores out bids him.  Moores would have been super cool if he had then given the dog to Hoffman, which would have been good for the charity and for Hoffman.  Instead he gives the dog to Peavy.  That's a kinda dick.   Alderson didn't see any problem with it, that's how business is done with the Padres.

"I was there," Padres CEO Sandy Alderson said. "I didn't perceive any ill-will toward Trevor. It was about doing something nice for Jake."

I wonder what was going through Moores' head "Weird I just bought a bulldog that I don't want.  Who might want this?  Hoffman was bidding on it so he obviously wants it.  I'll give it to Peavy".

We also get a glimpse into why Hoffman was holding out when he was originally offered a $4m contract for 2009.

"I was prepared to take their offer," Hoffman said, seated by his locker stall adjoining the training room. "I wanted to talk to them about a (post-retirement) services contract. When you say it isn't about money, it's always about money. But I wasn't looking to hold them up for the last dollar."

It makes sense, but I think Hoffman didn't like the direction that Alderson had aimed the Padres and wanted to see where he would fit in, turns out he didn't.  Towers tried to act as peace keeper between Hoffman and Alderson but Hoffman wasn't having any of it.  It was a battle of the egos with no winners, the outcome was two ex-Padre employees.



Unknown Padres sources say that Hoffman acted like a prima donna around contract time.  Storming out of meetings, clearing out his locker and just being a drama queen in general.  When your emotionless on the mound it's gonna come out somewhere.