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Heath Bell loses 25 pounds with help from Nintendo's Wii Fit

Padres reliever Heath Bell Credits Wii Fit for helping him lose weight.

This is what I love about Heath Bell.  Most guys would try and take the credit for themselves if they did something amazing like droppin' a quarter. Bell gives the credit where it's due, to the Wii Fit.

"It said I was obese," Bell said. "If you're obese, it makes (your character on screen) obese. I was disappointed that I was that big. I literally took the game to heart. I did the work but I kind of credit the Wii Fit."

Please let there be video of Heath Bell doing the Wii Fit hula hoop exercise in his underwears on youtube.


Just checked youtube no underwear movies yet.  I'd like to see Channel 4 do one of those cheesy Padres commercials with Heath and his Wii Fit, that would be so great.

"It makes me feel good to hear the coaches say, 'Don't lose any more weight' because they don't want me to lose velocity," Bell said. "I look stronger."

I wonder if there is any chance that they could hook the Wii up to the video board at the ballpark and Heath can play a little wii fit from the mound.

The sad news is that even after Bell lost the 25 lbs, he is still considered obese.  Heath is 6'2" and 245 and that gives him a BMI of 31.5.  Anything over a BMI of 30 is considered obese.

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