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Four years of blogging

Tomorrow, February the 14th will mark 4 years of blogging for me, Dex and to a lesser extent Kev.  The fabled story of our humble beginnings is familiar to our long time readers.  One day seemingly out of the blue, Dex asks me if I wanted to start a blog because it was all the rage back then.  Dex suggested a Padres blog since we were fans.  I replied "We don't know anything about the Padres", he assured me it didn't matter it was just blogging and the rest is history.

Honestly I wasn't sure if the blog would last a week, we'd had so many ideas that ended abruptly because of poor work ethic.  Jon was sure it wouldn't last and didn't want any part of it.  I still look back fondly on those early days when we had about 3 regular readers and we knew two of them personally.  Comments were currency back then, we'd be so excited if we got one new comment from a new reader and it was even better when they'd try to insult us.

Dex and I were chatting this morning about how even though it takes a lot of time and effort to think about blogging every day, it has been a rewarding experience.  First and foremost we've actually met a lot of cool people because of the blog and some of them have become real friends to us.  It's just pretty cool to think anybody would actually read this crap and to see us mentioned in major newspapers, websites and television is pretty rad.  To see random people wearing our t-shirts and recognizing us at ball games blows me away because you can feel so isolated when you're blogging.  The rewards are nice but we'd probably still blog if nobody was reading and we got nothing in return.  Don't believe us?  Nobody reads our other blog Uncommon Sportsman and we're still over there occasionally. 

I'm kinda rambling here, but I just wanted to say on behalf of Dex and I (and to a much lesser extent Kev).... YOU'RE WELCOME.  You totally thought I was about to thank you didn't you?  Ok, but seriously we do thank the over one million people that have visited our site and especially those who have contributed in some way.  Even though Dex and I threaten to burn this sucker to the ground about once a week when we get sick of blogging, we do enjoy it most of the time and hope that you do as well.


Actually let's just shoot for one more week and we'll see how it goes.