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Jake Peavy breaks his silence

Jake Peavy Interview Part 1 (MP3)

  • Peavy is already in Peoria, because he has to get ready for the WBC. He's excited to support his country.
  • There was a report that Ichiro might pitch in the WBC. In an emergency situation he might pitch. Peavy wouldn't put it past him because he's such a good athlete. The Mariners don't like the sound of that.
  • Peavy doesn't know if his poor results last time he threw in the WBC were because of the WBC. He doesn't think so.
  • "Absolutely I'm happy... I never wanted to be anywhere else other than Peoria, AZ this time of year"
  • "San Diego is near and dear to my heart and I always intended to be there"
  • "No hard feelings towards the San Diego Padres"
  • "I think the team is headed in the right direction, it might take some time to get there"
  • Peavy loves the organization and it was tough for him to consider moving to another city. He stayed out of it as much as he could.
  • "If I wanted to be on another team... then I think we could have pressed the issue". He signed last year's contract in order to play in San Diego and bring a World Championship to the city.
  • Jake Peavy didn't want to talk to press because if he says one thing then it can be misconstrued.
  • "The internet is such a helpful thing at times... there is so much stuff on the internet that's just false." Peavy's family reads the internet and he tells them "You guys know me an know what I would do and wouldn't do, you can't believe all that you read and that's with the utmost respect to the media but these BLOGS..." Peavy doesn't know how the "Go Cubs Go" song goes and he doesn't know why someone would say that he sang it.
  • Peavy is the longest tenure Padre.
  • "I can't imagine getting to that clubhouse and not seeing number 51 and being a teammates, there are gonna be times where I'll just want to sit down and cry"

Jake Peavy Interview Part 2 (MP3)

  • Phillip Rivers and Jake Peavy play tennis together. Rivers won the first game and Peavy wants a rematch. "In my defense it was the first time I played tennis in my life". It's Rivers height that killed Peavy. When these two Alabama boys get together the accent gets pretty thick.
  • Peavy hasn't talked to Moores or Moorad but he had a good conversation with Sandy Alderson. He has the utmost respect for Alderson. He is also a very big fan of the Moores' family.
  • Peavy got called into Buddy Black's office 5 times last year and was told that he had to feed the press more cliches. Telling him he has to be careful what he says. Peavy speaks from the heart.
  • Peavy doesn't know if this team will be enough to succeed but he is optomistic. "We're going into this season as an underdog and I've never had a problem being an underdog"
  • "We're going to need fan support"
  • Peavy hates losing. "I'm as passionate about winning as anybody"
  • "I want to be a World Champion and that's all that matters to me is winning"
  • "I'm dang glad to be a San Diego Padre, I'm so proud to put that uniform on..."