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Alderson can't say whether Peavy will finish the season as a Padre

Sandy Alderson Report (MP3)

  • Sandy talked to Peavy on the phone the other day and said that he's ready to start Spring Training.  There wasn't a lot of substance in the conversation.  Peavy reassured Sandy that he was ready to go and motivated.
  • There isn't any question that Peavy will start Opening Day.  The time for trades has passed.
  • Alderson can't say whether Peavy will finish the season as a Padre.
  • The Matt Bush DFA was a combination of circumstances.  They needed the roster spot and the incident affected the decision.  There was very little interest from anybody except Toronto.
  • Alderson chuckles when it is suggested that he tried to ship Bush out of the country.  "Not by design... a one way ticket to anywhere would be fine".
  • "I can assure you, you will not be able to find a $9 beer at Petco this year".  Sandy is looking for a humorous way to market the drop in beer prices and we should send our suggestions to Darren Smith or Sandy Alderson.
  • Alderson is disappointed for A-Rod and the rest of baseball.
  • Baseball never made any progress with PED's until the government got involved and Sandy isn't just blaming the union.
  • Sandy sounds relieved today.  Sandy doesn't agree.  "There is still a good deal of uncertainty, maybe it's just the time of year... as we get to Spring Training everybody has some optomism."