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Brian Giles accuses ex-girlfriend of abuse too and counter sues

So a few months ago Brian Giles ex-fiance accused him of years of abuse, today we find that he has counter sued for abuse.


He also seeks the return of a diamond engagement ring he said he gave to her on Christmas Eve 2005 that is valued at $107,952.

In his countersuit, filed in San Diego Superior Court, Giles accuses Cheri Olvera of striking him, pulling his hair, slapping him, hitting him with a car and kicking him. He also states Olvera disparaged him in front of other people, calling him profane names and screaming at him.


Here's the abuse:

  • 12/07 - Giles tries to stop her from driving drunk she hits him in the legs with the car. 
  • 12/05 - On his way to the fridge she tries to stab him with the spiked heel of her shoe and called him names
  • Spring 08 - Stole $20k by using blank checks