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Matt F___ck'n Bush traded to the Blue Jays

You know what's weird about this Padres Press Release?

Padres acquire a player to be named later or cash considerations from the Toronto Blue Jays

They don't even mention Matt Bush in the title or even the subtitle.  The Padres are trying to distance themselves so much from Bush that they can't even mention him in the title fo an article about him?  Maybe they felt like they'd have to address him by his full name and with a  middle name like "F___ck'n", they thought it'd be innappropriate.

Let me say this first, I don't get this baseball thing or how it works so somebody is going to have to explain it to me... make sure to dumb it down for me, cuz ol' jbox ain't too smart.  Also don't make it boring because I seriously won't read it.  Anyway, my question is this... why would Toronto trade for Bush when they could just wait for the Padres to release him and then sign him?

Also in the same announcement they say John Vander Wal of 1998 post season fame is becoming a professional scout for the Pads.