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Chris Young thinks A-Rod should become an anti-steroid role model

XX Sports Radio:  Chris Young Interview (MP3)

  • Chris Young doesn't mind pitching in the rain and getting wet which makes me wet.
  • Young says that rain during the Buick invitational is Murphy's Law.  A very vague interpretation of Murphy's Law perhaps.
  • "Doing better than last year is losing 98 games and that's not going to be acceptable, we're out to win this division and we've got the team to do it"
  • A-Rod's steroid use is a black eye for the game.
  • Chris Young is more upset that the list of confidential drug tests were leaked than A-Rod taking steroids.  CY doesn't think it would benefit the game if the remaining names on the list were released.
  • A-Rod should use this opportunity to educate others and be a spokesperson for a drug free society.