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Padres News and Notes

  • The Padres might play the South Korean national team if they make it to the second round of the World Baseball Classic.  If things work out they'll play games vs. the Padres in Peoria.  I seem to remember that the Padres played Korea last time the WBC came to town as well.
  • This Red Sox fan has a special connection with new Padres announcer Mark Neely.  He interviews Neely and asks him a ton of questions.  Besides talking a little too much about his St. Louis Cardinal fandom for someone who proclaims that the Padres are now his favorite team, he also is thinking about blogging.  "I do not currently have a blog.  I wouldn't be surprised if that happens now in San Diego."  Also Neely says that Adrian is the only Padre that might have a chance at the Hall of Fame if he plays outstanding for the next 10 or 12 years, no mention of Peavy.
  • Peavy and Moores didn't show up for the Padres award night.  Does anybody really think that Peavy wants to be a Padre anymore?  I just don't see it.  I think he's still pissed at just about everybody associated with the Padres and is hoping to be traded quickly.  I can't wait until he stops giving the press the silent treatment.  Peavy doesn't seem to have a filter and I'm sure we're going to hear some good quotes.  I think everybody knew Moores wasn't going to show.
  • We should know by early this week if Moorad is going to buy the Padres.  Supposedly the deal is all but done and Moorad is looking into schools for his kids.
  • The Boston Globe thinks that Jake Peavy would be a good fit for the Milwaukee Brewers.  I can't believe I clicked on that link, I just got burned by hotstove rumors.
  • Towers wants Livan Hernandez and Cliff Floyd in the worst way.