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Gaslamp Ball Book Club: "Oh My!" by Dick Enberg

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We're reading Dick Enberg: Oh My! as part of the Gaslamp Ball Book Club. I received this book for Christmas in 2004 and since it had very little to do with the Padres I tossed it aside, where it found a home on the Island of Misfit Toys.

On hearing the news that Dick Enberg had signed on as the TV voice of the Padres I figured I'd better dig the book out of storage, wipe the dust off the jacket and get reading. At this time I noticed that there was a CD interview with Enberg on the inside that I had never opened. I'll save that for after I've finished the book. It will be a tasty dessert, like that sickeningly sweet cookie in the 5-for-5 meal deal.

Let's start today's book discussion talking about John McEnroe's foreword and the first chapter of the book.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Did you think it was weird that John McEnroe says "(just kidding)" twice in the foreword? What is he a 12 year old girl texting her friends? Discuss.
  2. Did a young Dick Enberg blame himself for his parent's divorce since he was the one that brought attention to his mother's affair with the neighbor? Do you think this one moment will affect him later in life? Discuss.
  3. Young Dick Enberg's father never complimented or praised him after his athletic achievements, instead he was overly critical. Even though this hurt Enberg then, do you think it helped him in the long run? Discuss.