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Vote for Pad Squad Amanda to represent the San Diego Chargers at the Super Bowl

Pad Squad Amanda is a die hard Charger Fan.  You should probably vote for her.
Pad Squad Amanda is a die hard Charger Fan. You should probably vote for her.

I'm hesitant to use the full power of the Gaslamp Ball to alter events.

We don't know enough about Mass Consciousness to experiment without careful consideration and deep thought. 

Some people believe that our reality is determined by a collective unconsciousness. Mass Consciousness is when a large group of people focus on altering an event and creating a new mass reality.  As far fetched as this might sound, some believe that with enough concentration by enough people we can change weather, ending droughts, altering the course of hurricanes or alter space and time!

Of course man should not fool with powers they don't fully understand and these experiments can easily backfire and create catastrophic destruction.  It is highly risky proposition to even consider such an experiment. 

Pad_squad2_mediumGaslamp Ball has only walked this razor's edge once before.  We asked you all to vote for Pad Squad Carrie when she wanted to be a model for Deal or No Deal.  Amazingly she finished as runner up.  Then we became drunk with power and asked you all to focus on Carrie walking around in a bikini in the Miss USA competition.  For some reason you were easily convinced.  Again she finished as runner up.  I think some of us have Attention Deficit Disorder because it seems we're only good for 2nd place.

In any case we learned our lesson.  We had tried to bring fortune and glory upon the Padres and Carrie and yet it led to greed, pain, suffering and a touch of fortune and glory.  Our intentions were noble, but we knew not what we were doing and  propelled her to stardom and plagued her with scandal.

We swore that we would never again be convinced to open Pandora's box. Never again!  It's too risky!

So on an unrelated topic, I got an email from Pad Squad Amanda.  You're not going to believe this, she's in a competition for a chance to represent San Diego and the Chargers at the Super Bowl.  The contest started with 200,000 contestants and now miraculously Amanda is in the final 8!  I don't think I'm allowed to take credit for that, but I'm considering it anyway. They flew her out to New York and had her and the others shoot commercials and do other promotional stuff.

If she wins she gets a monetary reward, to call a play at the Pro Bowl, attend the coin flip at the Super Bowl and announce a Chargers draft pick.

Vote for Amanda Cameron at the Director of NFL Department of Fandemonium.  You can vote once a day and each time you do you are registering for a chance to attend the Super Bowl yourself, so you got that going for you.

She's in 7th place right now and there's a weird old dude who is a Miami fan in the lead.  Who's voting for this guy over a cute Pad Squadder?  Not you!

Focus the power of the Gaslamp Ball!