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Padres ask fans to vote for classic jersey to be worn in 2010, but has decision already been made?


The Padres want you to vote for the jersey you want to see worn in 2010 for "Throwback Thursday".

We don't get to see the results of the vote, which raises suspicion for me because Sports Illustrated reported that the 1978 white jerseys would be used.

Team president Tom Garfinkel says the Padres will wear replica uniforms from 1978 for their six scheduled Thursday day games at Petco Park. Garfinkel expects the team to wear white jerseys with brown sleeves and yellow trim, and white pants.

I thought I'd put up our own poll, just to to get a sneak peek of your favorites and see if the results coincide with the eventual decision. Truthfully I'm having a hard time deciding, I want them all. They are all equally awesome in their own way. I can't wait until the Pads come to their senses and get rid of the current uniforms.