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Gaslamp Ball Book Club: Dick Enberg vs. Jerry Coleman

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Can you believe that we've just finished Chapter 5 of Dick Enberg: Oh My! ?  As a Trojan, this was the toughest chapter for me to get through, it was all about the years that Enberg was the voice of Bruins Basketball. Blech!

Before our next Book Club meeting I need one of you to create a timeline for me of Enberg's career.  He's really all over the place in this book.  I get that he's trying to keep on one subject per chapter, but it's hard to keep all of his jobs straight with what time period we're in.

Chapter 5 marks the first time and hopefully not the last time that Jerry Coleman tries to destroy Enberg's career.  They were both working for KTLA at the time and the UCLA basketball games were being taped and played at 11 pm.  Enberg was calling the games and getting great ratings because of the success of the team, even with the tape delay.  Coleman as it happened was a Sports Broadcaster for the 10 o'clock news.

Everyone at KTLA was bing very careful not to give away the score of the game to those waiting to tune in.  Coleman with his devil-may-care attitude revealed that the Bruins won a game by one point.  Enberg makes a big deal of Coleman's announcement, but really UCLA never lost back then, so why would he care?  Answer: because Enberg never forgives or forgets!

Discussion Questions:

Dick Enberg prides himself on being a fair broadcaster and not a homer for the team that hired him.  Do we want him singing the praises of the Dodgers when he comes to town?  Discuss.

How will Enberg take revenge on Jerry Coleman in San Diego?  Discuss.