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Padres Award Celebration Auction Items

Friar John's Blog: Padres Award Celebration Special Auction


The Padres Award Celebration is today at the Hall of Champions you could have bought a ticket to the lunch for $75 dollars or 10 tickets for $750.  Wow, nice of the Padres to give a group discount.  In case you were wondering you could also have bought a special 2 ticket combo for $150 or the third wheel ticket package for $225.

Here's some of the auction items available for fans to bid on:

  • Dinner with Jed Hoyer:  Hoyer may be engaged but you can play the part of Robert Redford and Jed Hoyer can be your Demi Moore in this Indecent Proposal.
  • One-on-One Pitching Lessons with Heath Bell: Learn how to over eat, feud with ESPN and promote Wii Fit while playing catch in the Padres bullpen.
  • Hitting Lessons with Kevin Kouzmanoff:  Bahahahah!  That's rich.  I'd bid on this if they were "Hitting Lessons FOR Kevin Kouzmanoff"
  • General Manger for the Day: Three innings in the booth with Hoyer.  Since when is three innings a day?
  • Lunch with Bud Black: If this was "Bud Black reads you a bedtime story and tucks you in" then I know insomniacs the world over would bid.
  • Honorary Groundskeeper:  Isn't this a job they should be paying you for?  The Padres should have fans bid on Honorary Bathroom Cleaner while they are at it.
  • Little Star Experience: This could be your child's big break, but not really.
  • Salute to the Champions:  No Padres will be in attendance.
  • A Game-Used Base from the 2006 NLDS: Good chance Albert Pujols stepped on it... Even better chance no Padres stepped on it.
  • Jake Peavy's Clubhouse Chair: Perfect for sniffing.
  • Taylor Guitar Signed by 2008 Padres: Now you can strum along with the non-stop Gary Glitter songs at Petco Park.