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Gaslamp Reccing Ball: Things we lost in 2009

As Padres fans, we lost a lot of things in 2010 2009 even.

As Gaslamp Ballers, it's our job to use this post to pay tribute to the things we lost.

How it works: Nominate something that you want people to remember that we lost this season. You can make your nomination by just commenting. It doesn't have to be something you're sorry about losing or something you'll miss. It's just noting what should be remembered as having been lost. Try not to duplicate things.

Instead, if you agree with something, then rec the heck out of the nominated comment and muse in the replies.

For example:

"John Moores' unconditional love"

"The Smooth Sounds of Matt Vasgersian's Voice"

"Our collective interest in the Padres"

"sdsuaztec4's virginity... WHAT!?!"

Have at it!

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