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Gaslamp Ball Book Club: Dick Enberg used to look like a shaved prostitute

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I haven't been feeling well recently, so I've been watching a lot of TV and taking naps.  Last night however I was feeling a bit better so I listened to some of Springsteen's Ghost of Tom Joad and read Chapter 2 of Dick Enberg: Oh My!  Let me tell you, it was just what the doctor ordered.

Chapter 2 is entitled Coming to a Crossroads, and subtitled "Did you ever consider with that short hair you look like a shaved prostitute?"  Seriously.

This weeks chapter follows Enberg through his studies at Central Michigan and Indiana University.  He was broadcasting college athletics, teaching classes and finding love.

The main theme of this chapter is the rejections during this time period that changed his life.  He never would be where he is today if not for being rejected by employers.

Discussion Questions:

1.  How would Enberg's life have turned out differently if he had not been invited to attend Central Michigan?  Had been ordered to active duty in the Navy?  Had taken a broadcasting job that would have paid double his professor's salary?  Had not looked like a shaved prostitute?  Discuss.

2.  Of all the things that are or can be shaved, why did Dr. Author Daniels compare Enberg to a prostitute? Discuss.

3.  Was Enberg's early success a result of his talent or work ethic?  Discuss.

4.  Why did some people in Enberg's life see potential where others did not?  Discuss.