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Stephen Strasburg donates $141K to Aztec Baseball

I went to the SDSU Men's Basketball game last night and was pleasantly surprised to see Tony the Gwynn at the corner of the court during the first half of the game.  Decked out an SDSU warm up suit, Gwynn looked quite svelte after his stomach surgery. I got all giddy and pointed him out to those around me, "look it's Tony the Gwynn!"

During a timeout the Gwynn took the floor with Stephen Strasburg.  The announcer introduced them to the crowd and the they received a standing ovation.  Then the timeout ended and they were rushed off the court...  Gwynn and Strasburg looked a little embarrassed.

BUT then after the next timeout they were brought out and introduced  and again the crowd applauded them.  It was announced that Stephen Strasburg gave the San Diego State Baseball Team $141,000.  The donation will be used to upgrade the surface of Tony Gwynn Field.

Everybody is getting good Christmas presents this year from Strasburg as a number 1 draft pick he signed a $15 million contract with the Nationals.


"SDSU baseball and the university have meant so much for my development" Strasburg said in a statement. "As a student-athlete, I knew that it takes more than just coaching and good players to be successful. From academic advisors to athletic trainers to the donors of the program, it takes all to make a successful program. I am proud to become part of the base of donors that want this program to succeed. As I have stated before, I am an Aztec for life."


"Stephen was electric on the mound," Gwynn said. "Yet, we knew he was an even better kid. This gift reinforces our belief that for all of his baseball abilities, Stephen is an even better person."

Oh yeah and the Aztecs smoked Arizona.