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Gaslamp Ball Dream Diary

I hate hearing about other people's dreams.  I loooove talking about mine.

Ok, I had another Padres dream.  This time I'm just standing there at some event by myself.  I'm minding my own bizness, like I do, and up comes John Moores.  He's lost some weight. He sure looks great.  He's not nearly as crusty as I imagine he would be.  He introduces himself as he shakes my hand. He says he's glad to meet me and then he excuses himself and kisses his soon to be ex-wife Becky quickly on the mouth and smiles to her, while glancing back at me. I remember thinking that they seemed really happy and must have reconciled or something.

Then "AHHHH!", someone yells really loud in my ear and I wake up startled.  I'm pretty sure it was a poltergeist of some sort.  Maybe it was a Banshee wailing in my ear warning me of death.  I'm not sure if that part had anything to do with the Padres, but my ear was still ringing after I woke up, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't part of the dream.

I was telling Dex about it and he asked me if it was a wet dream.  So crude.  I guess it's a fair question though, but I'll leave that to your imagination.

Go Padres!