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Padre Matt Antonelli wishes to trade places for a day with Tiger Woods and ruins his life

Tiger Woods' awesome life, before Matt Antonelli traded places with him and ruined it all.
Tiger Woods' awesome life, before Matt Antonelli traded places with him and ruined it all.

Did anybody read Matt Antonelli's blog post from last week? He answered some questions for the Sporting News and shared his answers with his blog readers, that's you and me.


He was asked the one person he'd like to trade places with, living or dead, and he chose Tiger Woods.

The one person I’d love to trade places with for a day (can be alive or dead; please include a sentence on why that person)
Tiger Woods. He runs the world.

Keep in mind this blog was written on November 28th, the day after Tiger Woods was accused of cheating, had his face clawed at and attacked by his wife while getting in a car crash that left him unconscious. Now Tiger is being accused of multiple infidelities, wanted for questioning by the Highway Patrol, missed a Golf Tournament and had his name smeared in every gossip column.

You may be thinking, "Antonelli couldn't have picked a worse day to trade places with Tiger Woods."

But may I suggest that maybe Matt Antonelli's wish came true and he already traded places with Tiger Woods and all of this is his fault. Think about it, Matt Antonelli took over for Tiger for one day and ruined his life and his career!

Are we supposed to believe that it's a coincidence that Antonelli makes a wish to "run the world" as Tiger Woods and suddenly Tiger's life goes down the toilet? Antonelli obviously switched bodies and raised hell as Tiger Woods then switched back to the body of a Padres infielder. He must be sitting at home smirking right now, thinking that nobody would ever figure out what he had done, feeling so cocky that he'd even blog about it, nobody would figure out his secret... until now!

Think about that!