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Padres Cap Gift Dilemma

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So the holiday season is officially upon us. I came across a "giving" Christmas tree yesterday and I grabbed an ornament. In case you aren't familiar, a giving tree is a Christmas tree decorated with paper ornaments and each ornament has a gift written on it for someone less fortunate.

A lot of the kids were asking for gift cards, but I wanted to take the time to get somebody something they really wanted. I found one that I thought was right up my alley.

Ball cap w/ SD Logo
For Male Age 17

At first I thought I'd just get him the basic 59Fifty Padres cap that the players wear. Then I realized that I didn't know his hat size, so it'd definitely have to be an adjustable or elastic cap.

I went online to see what kind of choices I had. That turned out to be a mistake. Have you seen the Padres hats on

Maybe this kid doesn't want just a blue hat with white logo? Maybe he wants one of these.

Hwl_medium Hwl_medium Hwl_medium Hwl_medium Hwl_medium Hwl_medium

These are probably ball caps that 17 year old kids wear now a days. He'd probably be picked on if he wore a boring blue and white cap. Just because I think they look a little douchey it doesn't mean that I should force my taste in hats on him. This is the Christmas season after all and I want him to be happy, even if it makes me look like a douche buying it in the store.

I kind of like the one with the built in ear muffs though.

So what do you think? Adjustable? Elastic? Official cap? Throwback? Douchey?