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Black Friday suggestions for Padres fans!

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If you're not out shopping right now, you're either avoiding the Black Friday crowds, or you're home now from the maniacs at the mall and you're trying to relax by reading up on one of the more frustrating baseball teams in existence, in which case, I wonder about your sanity. Maybe you were one of the maniacs at the mall.

In any case, you may be looking at this and you may realize that you actually wanted to buy something for somebody, but you forgot all about it and now you want Gaslamp Ball to bail you out.


If I were you... Here's what I'd consider getting them...

If I were you and you and I were Tony Gwynn:
A copy of Bert Sugar's Baseball Hall of Fame: A Living History of America's Greatest Game. Just a little something for people who offer me up weight loss advice and exercise equipment. Who's the Hall of Famer? Who's in this f__kin' book, homey? Is it you? Oh wait no. It's me.

If I were you and you and I were Anthony Keith Gwynn Jr.
A copy of Cooperstown Confidential: Heroes, Rogues, and the Inside Story of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Whatever Happened to the Hall of Fame by Bill James. Nice job being in the Hall of Fame, dad. Oh wait. Did you hear that they got Shilling's sock in there? That must feel good to be in the same place as that. That and Kouzmanoff's glove. And Ty Cobb's false teeth. Real treasure trove of wonders you got there.

If I were you and you and I knew somebody who had a Wii and I didn't want to spend any money on them and I too had a Wii
Fire up your Wii and gift a baseball game. You have to know their code. Your choice of of Baseball, Baseball Stars 2, World Class Baseball and Bases Loaded. Get Baseball Stars 2 if you like the person. Bases Loaded if they're the nostalgic type. Baseball if you want to show them that you didn't really want to spend any money on them and World Class Baseball if you want to say, "Remember when you bought a TurboGrafx 16? This is the kind of crap you were playing, while the rest of us were playing Super Mario Kart."

If I were you and you and I were going to buy something kinda expensive and you wanted to throw some affiliate dollars towards Gaslamp Ball
I heard a Kindle Wireless Reading Device will guarantee sex from a loved one every night for like 3 months. I use a Apple MacBook Pro MB991LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop to blog and work and blog.

If I were you and you and I were going to buy something for the Padres grounds crew
Get some friends and chip in for a Swisher ZT2350 50-Inch 23 HP Zero Turning Radius Riding Lawn Mower. Best value for the money.