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What would it take for you to stop being a Padres fan?

Sometimes I'll be talking to myself and I'll ask myself a question, like the one in the title. I was thinking of this because this casual acquaintance was telling me how after the 2008 season he was going to become an Angels fan. He was even going to go so far as to mail his Padres gear back to the Padres Front Office, to show his total disdain for the way they were running things.

I thought he was just being dramatic, but sure enough he took the train up to Anaheim and caught a handful of games started wearing an Angels hat and even boycotted games at Petco Park.

It got me thinking what it would take for me to stop being a Padres fan. First of all, I think if I ever did give up my fandom that I'd probably just give up on baseball all together, I wouldn't find another team.

Here's just a few changes I thought of and how they'd affect me:

  1. Disgustingly terrible losing season. I'd probably just cut back on the number of games I watched and just watch them out of the corner of my eye. They'd still be my team, but I'd just neglect them.
  2. Trading the most popular player. Players come and go. I'm not giving up the Padres for any one player. Only if they would have traded and disgraced Tony the Gwynn could I even consider turning my back on the Padres. Since the Gwynn has already retired, I can't see myself ever caring so much about one player again. What if they make him manager and then fire him? Hmm, I'd be pissed but I don't think I'd cut ties with the Padres, hard to say until it happens.
  3. Move to a different city. I think I'd probably stop rooting for them. I think I can only be a fan of the San Diego Padres.
  4. Changing the name and colors of the ball club. That's a tough one. I think that'd be a good enough reason to make an amicable separation. I'd probably go to games but just bitch the entire time and then become really fair weather.
  5. The entire Padres organization forms a posse and burns down an orphanage. I'd probably take about 5 years off and wait until the organization is sold and all the players were replaced.

Anything I'm forgetting? What would it take for you to give up on the Padres?