WTF happened to Ben Davis?


Fangraphs seems to think Ben Davis is worth a shot on a minor league contract... I love the last line, too! You could carry 1 catcher! "Ben Davis, RHP You may remember Davis as a busted catching prospect. These days, he's working on a late career comeback as a knuckleball-throwing pitcher. While he's new to the craft, his first impression on the mound was a strong one. He pitched well enough in independent ball in 2008 to catch on with the Reds last year, and he pitched well in nine games for Sarasota out of the bullpen. He even racked up 14 strikeouts in 11 2/3 innings, which is not something you usually see from knucklers. Knuckleball pitchers are lottery tickets - for every Tim Wakefield, there are a bunch of Charlie Zinks. But there's always a chance that Davis' knuckler is better than the guys who wash out in the minors throwing the pitch, and if it is, he could be a pretty decent innings eater for a major league club. Plus, he could always serve as an emergency catcher."