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Adrian Gonzalez wins non-existent Modesty Award to accompany Gold Glove

Congratulations to Adrian Gonzalez for winning his second Gold Glove, I guess. 

He doesn't sound the least bit excited about it.  Instead he thinks that Helton, Pujols and Lee were all deserving and the voters chose him based on his defensive performance in 2008.

Is he trying to win a modesty award too?  Is he aware that there is no modesty award?  Furthermore does he know that it's really annoying that he can never just graciously accept an award or a compliment?

When it comes to Gold Gloves for first basemen voters like consistency but at third base it's a different story.  They want flashy great plays and that's where Kouzmanoff was lacking.  Sure he only had a few errors, but this isn't the award for fewest errors or best fielding percentage.  It's an award of perception and if you want to be thought of as a great third basemen, then you better be diving into foul territory and throwing out  runners while laying on your back.

Kouzmanoff barehanded a few bunts, made routine plays, but besides that I didn't see anything that impressive from him this season.  If there weren't so many articles about his lack of errors and his Gold Glove candidacy in the past few months, I would never even have considered him.