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Around the Mission: 11/11 Padres Links Part II

Kouz and Young do Science
Kouz and Young do Science
  • Padres to meet with Gonzalez about future | News
    "If they want to offer an extension, I'd be more than willing to look at it and see what they think of me or what value they've put on me," Gonzalez said. "I'd like to see where they're at, wanting to sign me long-term or trade me or not."

  • Let’s make a big deal -
    "He’s a great player and he fits our team perfectly for the next two years," Hoyer said. "We’ve had a lot of internal meetings and discussions about that. If you’re asking me have we moved forward on trades, yes, I guess, but at the same time I’m still learning the Padres and getting to know work styles of everyone like that."

  • PADRES: Will Gonzalez be golden next year?
    Over the summer, Gonzalez said he's keeping a close eye on the franchise's direction in case he has to make a decision on whether or not to stay with the Padres. The slugger said he saw progress over the final two months of the 2009 season, but also said: "I don't think we're there yet. There's still a few pieces that need to be put in place this offseason."

  • San Diego's Great Science Experiment | NBC San Diego
    "It was one of my favorite subjects in school," Kouzmanoff said. "I enjoyed mixing all the stuff together, playing with the acid, all the proteins."

  • Gonzalez repeats as Gold Glove winner | News
    "This year I was as happy with the way I played. I don't think I had as many chances. The opportunities weren't there. Teams were a little more reluctant to bunt my way. I think it was more off of things I was able to establish last year and the years before."

  • XX Sports Radio: Adrian Gonzalez Interview (MP3)
    The Padre 1B won his second consecutive Gold Glove.
  • Gonzalez Wins a Gold Glove, Kouzmanoff Does Not :: Friar Forecast
    Before I touch on Adrian’s award, I want to reiterate that Kouzmanoff did not deserve to win a gold glove this season. Sure, he made very few errors, but he also has limited range.