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Around the Mission: Veteran's Day Padres Links

Lt. Col. Coleman
Lt. Col. Coleman
  • Coleman to lead Vets Day celebration | News
    Padres broadcaster Jerry Coleman will be the keynote speaker at a Veterans Day ceremony aboard the USS Midway Museum in San Diego on Wednesday.

  • Phils, Cards, LA each take two Gold Gloves | News
    At first base, San Diego Padres slugger Adrian Gonzalez repeated his 2008 crown by tying for fourth in the league with a fielding percentage of .995. Gonzalez made only seven errors in 1,367 total chances in the midst of his second straight All-Star campaign.

  • Masur's Musings: Random Musings...
    I think that the award will somehow elude Kouz, and go to Nationals 3B, Ryan Zimmerman. I don't like to say that, and certainly hope I'm wrong. Here's where reputation and offense will come into play. Ridiculous, I know. Let's see how it works out.

  • Young ready to get back on mound
    "I love San Diego, but I also understand the business aspect of baseball," Young said. "Given the payroll and ownership change, the Padres have some limitations that other organizations don't have."

  • PADRES: Young encouraged by progress after shoulder surgery
    "I'm doing towel drills right now and different exercises and I'm pretty encouraged," Young said. "The stuff that gave me pain before the surgery, there' s nothing there now, so I'm extremely encouraged. The same movements I'm doing now I couldn't even come close to before the surgery. I'm very excited about where it is and hopefully it continues to progress and be healthy and strong."

  • John Moores divorce trial rescheduled for March 15
    Rebecca Moores contends her estranged husband has had an affair for as many as five years with a former San Diego gynecologist who is now believed to be living in Houston, where John Moores has relocated. The lawyers did not refer to any personal relationships when discussing closing part of the trial or the confidentiality agreement during the hearing.

  • Chrissy's Outfit of the Day - KSWB
    Chrissy Russo sitting on a keg.