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Padres Season Ticket Holder Letter is misleading

Padres Season Ticket Holder Letter (PDF)


What the letter should say is that this only pertains to FULL-SEASON tickets. However, this letter was sent to all season ticket holders, even those with 20 and 40 game plans! Ah HA! Though to be honest, if you're on a half-season ticket package or the 20 game package which is like a quarter of a season, then you're not really a season ticket holder, are you? So it could be considered true... from a certain point of view. Still, why tease those people who can only afford half or a quarter of the fun of delightful seasons with discounts when there are none to be had?

Padres Press Release:

The San Diego Padres announced today that the pricing for the majority of 2010 tickets -- including 100% of the full-season ticket packages -- will either be reduced or remain at the '09 level, with 86% of full-plan pricing at more affordable levels than in 2009.

So beware if you are a Padres Season Ticket Holder with a limited 20 or 40 game plan, your ticket prices may increase.

President Tom Garfinkel:

Yes, some limited 20 and 40 game areas had increases over 2009, but 40 and 20 game plan holders are very important to us – which is why they still get substantial discounts over the individual game buyer.

Thanks to BethGinSD for scanning the letter.