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Who will be the Padres next General Manager?

The MLB Daily Dish lays out some candidates for the Padres GM position. However Moorad has said there will not be any internal candidates which means no Paul DePodesta and that there will be no candidates from the Arizona Diamondbacks because of a gentleman's agreement, so DiPoto and Woodfork are out.

Housecleaning not over -

"There's a gentleman's agreement to avoid Arizona," said Moorad, who was the CEO of the Diamondbacks before entering into an agreement to purchase the Padres from John Moores early last spring. "DiPoto is not on our list."

That leaves Jed Hoyer from the Red Sox and David Forst from the Athletics. MLB Daily Dish mentions Gerry Hunsicker from the Rays and Dan Jennings from the Marlins but has no idea if they are actually being considered.

Let's just do a poll. I'm going to include an internal candidate from the Padres and the guys from the Arizona Diamondbacks just to see if you're paying attention. This isn't a poll of who you want to be the next GM, it's who will be. Keep that in mind.

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Late addition of Billy Eppler from the Yankees.

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Toronto General Manager Pat Gillick