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Around the Mission: 10/6 Padres Links

A Padres hat made an appearance on "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
A Padres hat made an appearance on "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
  • POSTGAME on Channel 4: Postgame Team- Behind the Scenes
    I enjoyed this Cavnar and Weisbarth video way too much. "My shoes... are awesome."

  • Hall of Fame wants Kouzmanoff's glove | News
    A day after Kevin Kouzmanoff set a single-season record for National League third basemen with a .990 fielding percentage, the National Baseball Hall of Fame asked Kouzmanoff if he would donate a glove that he used at some point during the season. "I have to pick the glove. They aren't getting my gamer!"

  • Will Padres manage? -
    The mood changed noticeably immediately after Towers was terminated.

  • PADRES NOTES: Young pleased with progress
    Nearly six weeks removed from shoulder surgery, Chris Young is feeling healthy and confident. The right-hander is optimistic as he heads into the offseason that both he and the Padres are on the right track.

  • Heat Bell has a new diet
    Everybody has noticed that Heath Bell has been packing on the pounds during the season. Heath Bell said his offseason diet will focus on more natural foods, meaning no sugars or fast food... and yes he'll continue to use the Wii Fit.  I wonder if he's going to get the Wii Fit plus?  It's only $20 and has new exercises and such.  I may pick that up too.

  • XX Sports Radio: Bud Black (MP3)
    The Padres skipper wraps up the season with Scott & BR. He also reacts to the news that Kevin Towers is no longer with the San Diego Padres.
  • XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers (MP3)
    KT discussed his firing, why he'll always root for the Padres, what lies ahead and why his dismissal was handled as well as it could be.