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The "Park at the Park" delivered pretty much as promised

A couple years ago I took a look at an artist's rendering of the Park at the Park from back in 2000. I just came across an article about the features that the Park at the Park was supposed to have. I thought I'd just go through them and show which ones were delivered and which ones were not.

Padres Complete design of "Park at the Park"

Park Feature Description Delivered Comment
K Street Corridor K Street will be preserved as a pedestrian thoroughfare, approximately 30 feet wide and more than 700 feet long, that extends through the heart of the Park at the Park. It will link the entrances to the park at 7th Avenue, near the Gaslamp Quarter, and 10th Avenue, near the Kids’ Entertainment Zone, in a kind of street fair. Yes Few would consider this area the heart of the park, since it has no view of the field, but it is there. It also never really became a "street fair".
Picnic Hill This gently sloped lawn area will accommodate more than 2,000 fans for games and has outstanding views of the large video board on the back of the "Batter’s Eye." Yes It does have an outstanding view of the video board.
Lawn Amphitheater This terraced, grassy seating section for approximately 900 fans will have fixed benches for viewing the game. Yes It's there, but the view isn't great and the seats aren't comfortable.
The Beach Located between the front row of the Amphitheater seating section and the right-center field fence, this sandy area will have beach chair seating and a court suitable for beach volleyball games. Yes Can you imagine that they thought this area would be used to play beach volleyball? Stop the baseball game there's a volleyball on the field. Also I think only children are allowed in the sand now and there are no beach chairs allowed.
Picnic Terraces Directly above the Padres bullpen will be a terraced area with picnic table seating for approximately 200. Yes The picnic tables are there but I think these seats are only used for corporate events.
Ballpark Cruise Take a stroll completely around the ballpark, a 360-degree tour, on this unique and comfortable concourse.
No The "cruise" was never completed.
Padres Hall of Fame Located adjacent to the renovated Western Metal Supply Co. Building, the Padres Hall of Fame will showcase great players and moments in San Diego’s baseball history. Yes More needs to be done with this Padres Hall of Fame. This would be a great place to connect the past with the present.
Little League Infield Complete with 60-foot base paths and a full-size pitcher’s mound, this will be a "Field of Dreams" for youngsters (and young-at-heart grown-ups) right next to a major-league ballpark. Yes This is more of a wiffle ball field than a little league park. No grown ups allowed even if you are "young at heart".
Tot Lot This outdoor play area for tots and toddlers will serve the redeveloped East Village neighborhood year-round. Yes This area is great for toddlers.
Kids Zone Just under the right field stands at the corner of the Park, kids can enjoy the best games and baseball activities year-round. Yes I know they have a kids concession stand there and sometimes a clown doing face painting but I'm not sure if there's much else.
Randy Jones Barbecue An expanded version of the popular barbecue stand operated by the Padres’ first Cy Young Award winner and Hall of Famer will be located on K Street behind the Batter’s Eye. It will include a picnic area with outstanding views of a video board. Yes Outstanding views of the video board means you are looking straight up like you're sitting in the front row of a movie theater.
Color Video Board A 15-by-20-foot video board, located on the back of the Batter’s Eye, will show live game action and special programming on game and non-game days. Yes Just as promised.
Padres Bullpen The Padres’ bullpen, just beyond the fence in left-center, will let fans see Trevor Hoffman and his bullpen mates up close. Yes You can't see the pitchers up close and you'll likely get yelled at for loitering too long by park security.
Autograph Alley The Padres’ Bullpen will double as a built-in site where fans can seek autographs before the game and kids can approach their heroes.
No No contact or communication is allowed between players and fans.
19 Palms 19 palm trees will honor Ted Williams, the first to ever wear 19 for the Padres (1936), and Tony Gwynn, who will be the last. No No palm trees for Teddy Ballgame or Tony. At least Tony got his statue.

Lucchino said. "The Park at the Park will be a place where families can make watching baseball, including batting practice, part of an affordable, full-day outing. It will remind fans of baseball’s pastoral roots, but they will have easy access to modern amenities and comforts.

Padres do not allow fans to watch batting practice.

Lawn chairs, picnic tables and blankets will be available. Gates will open early and close late.

Fans cannot bring lawn chairs to the game and picnic tables are not available. The only way to get a blanket is if Pad Squad Andre brings you one.