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Let's check your Padres 2009 Predictions!


NL West Standings

Los Angeles 95 67 .586 0 Won 2
Colorado 92 70 .567 3 Lost 2
San Francisco 88 74 .543 7 Won 1
San Diego 75 87 .462 20 Lost 1
Arizona 70 92 .432 25 Won 1

(updated 10.4.2009 at 7:33 PM PDT)

Here were your 2009 Padres Predictions from April 5th 2009.

First thing we notice is that the poll shows that 26% of Gaslamp Ballers were correct that the Padres would finish with between 71-75 wins.  That choice was also the leading vote getter.  Pessimism lost out to optimism.

I was way off in my predictions.  I just kind of randomly chose 66 wins and a last place finish.  Then I corrected myself and chose 76 wins and 4th place which would have been crazy close, but then I decided that I better go with my initial hunch.  They always tell you to go with your initial gut reaction, f that.  I also thought that Peavy would survive the season.  I'm a dummy.

Now for the winner of the Gaslamp Ball prediction contest: 



Unfortunately he didn't pick a the place in the division as required so I'm forced to keep all the money he would have won.

Now for those that were close:

Now to check the other experts: