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Padres Owner John Moores' extramarital affair with gynecologist reason for divorce

We've been hinting at the alleged infidelity since the divorce was announced and Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton broke the news in the media last July that Moores had been unfaithful.

Now Becky Moores has filed court papers saying that John Moores has had an extramarital affair with a gynecologist since 2004 and is still living with her in Texas.

A former local gynecologist "has shared and continues to share a lengthy, personal and romantic relationship with (Padres owner) John Moores," according to a court filing by the attorney for Moores' wife, Becky.

Becky wants to know how much money her adulterous husband has given to his mistress.

Becky Moores "has reason to believe that substantial community assets have been expended for and upon Ms. Rosenberg and/or her family and that she has been the beneficiary of the expenditure of significant community assets," Morris wrote.